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Music is the arrangement of sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, through melody, rhythm, harmony, and timbre. It makes possible a language which expresses our deepest intuitive and creative nature. Education in the discipline of music includes the study of music theory, music history, literature, performance, and composition.


The Music Department of Ramkhamhaeng Advent International School seeks to shape “an integrative environment for learning which stresses intellectual challenge, open inquiry and artistic creativity.” As a faculty we want to create this environment by enriching the lives of students, faculty, and communities – with performances of a wide variety of music. The excellence, authenticity, and originality of these performances will also serve as models for future performances by students and provide a basis for developing informed and critical listening skills.


The music classes at RAIS are designed to meet the academic and musical needs and talents of the students. The following classes are offered from K-12: flute recorder, melodeon, violin, cello, choir, steel flute, percussion (drums and lyre), piano, and hand bells. Special afterschool classes are offered as requested.


Throughout the school year, the kids’ choir, kid’s string ensemble, chamber orchestra, high school choir, hand bell choir, and the marching band perform at various events, giving further opportunities for students to master their newly-acquired skills and enhance their self-confidence.

Partnering with Trinity College London in Offering Internationally Accredited, Formal Assessment in Music

In response to the recommendation to have additional external assessment integrated into the school’s curriculum, the RAIS Music Department would like to integrate the program offered by the Trinity College London, Music, and train students to take the Music graded exams and assist them to earn Music certificates.

This high-level, standardized music program which the Music Department intends to offer with the Trinity College London will provide musically-inclined students and those who are planning a career in music a strong background and preparation.

Program Scheme and Structure:
For this school year, RAIS offers special classes in piano, violin, and voice for Grades 1-8.
Classes are scheduled after school and special fees are charged.

Further Information:
Please contact our Public Relations personnel for further information at 02 370 0316 ext. 0, 101, 102, or 103.


  • Mrs. Claire Durante, Head of the Music Department
  • Ms. Bethel Faith Mascarinas
  • Ms. Feljan Hanna Tejada
  • Mr. Jouie Joy Llanto

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