What does life require that becomes a beneficial need? Is the need a necessity, essential, like, want or requirement to one’s living? The theme “All I Need” during the Health and Spiritual Emphasis Week last August 28 – September 1, 2017 was explored deeper when majority of the students wrote an essay on what they need. The essay topic drove these young students to write about their need, express themselves and know the consequences of their choices on their health. Hopefully their self-written articles will serve as their guide on how to be healthy.

Lukchoop (G2A): “I need my mom and dad. I need food, shelter, air, clothes, legs, hands, mind, exercise, sleep, shoes and trees. I need them because it gives me energy”.

Ethan (G3B): “Health is important. Health is needed for our body or else we will die. We have one health and we need nutrients and vitamins like A, B, C, and D. There are junk food like hamburger, candy, ice cream, sugar and chocolate but vegetables are healthier. They will make us stay healthy and we can be strong and fast. My body must be strong and healthy so that I will not be ill. If I get ill the virus is strong but if I am healthy the virus is weak”.

Shauna (G6B): “Being healthy is what most of us want. We all know we have to be healthy, but many people don’t know the true meaning of health. They just think, ‘Oh I have to do this to be healthy,’ ‘Oh I have to do that.’ No! The meaning of health is to focus, and be committed to the goal that you want to reach. It is not about eating this or exercising and doing that to be healthy.  No, you also have to be committed to what you are doing, or else there will be no result of your effort on what you’re doing. If you commit yourself, the effort will and the result of your health will be great, but if you don’t commit yourself, the effort and the result of your health won’t be great. Let me show you an example of a person that doesn’t commit himself and the person that does.

  1. An example of a person who is committed:

There was this one person who was really, really fat and that person got teased a lot at school by all the person’s friends. They said mean things to him. Then he decided to start exercising and eating healthy. At first it was so hard for him to do it, but he told himself “I will never give up. I will keep going until I reach my goal.” He has committed his whole body and mind into it. Finally, he reached his goal. Before, he was so fat and now he is slim. Now, nobody teases him and he is very happy that he has committed his whole body into being healthy. Now he can enjoy life even more than what he used to.


  1. The next example is a person who is not committed:

There was this guy who wanted to be healthy but was not committed. He did the exercise to be healthy but he didn’t commit his whole body to it. He ended up even fatter than he was before. He didn’t reach his goal. He wasn’t committed and he didn’t enjoy his life at all.

If you want to be healthy you have to give it all you got and all the way until you reach your goal and you enjoy the effort that you made. You will be successful.

Another way to being healthy is by eating healthy. It means not eating junk food or sweets. It means eating vegetables and fruits. Eating vegetables makes our body strong. Fruits give vitamins to our body.

Finally, we need to remember that to be healthy is to keep a balance. We need to take care of our health by exercising daily, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water and always thinking good, and being positive. Let’s remember nothing is more important than to be healthy and enjoy life.

So start today and commit yourself to keep your mind and body healthy. Surely, you will succeed and reach your goal. You will find yourself happy and enjoy a well, long life. Don’t forget to start now. All you need is commitment. Don’t give up if you want to be healthy!

A student who wants to remain anonymous wrote about a heartfelt, specific need – love. Love covers and conquers everything. It encourages and motivates a person to have positive outlook in life leading to healthy body, mind and spirit.

It is inspiring to know that at these young ages, these students already know what they need in life, and it will be big advantage for them if they are healthy and their learning process in school and at home will not be adversely affected.

Learning insights:

  1. Specific of a certain need. Determine whether if it is a necessity, essential, like, or a want.
  2. Goal to a certain need. Is the goal for the common good?
  3. Plan of action to a certain need. Is the plan for short term or long term?
  4. Commitment towards achieving that certain need. Is it achievable by the commitment alone?
  5. All I need will be of waste if that need is not the need that God has planned for every individual.


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