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Champion Recognition | Pumptrack & Balance Bike

​Champion Recognition | Pumptrack & Balance Bike

We are thrilled to announce the achievement of NOAH VORAPHOP VISITKITCHAKARN (K 1), in “SPS Inter Service PumptrackThailand 2024”, held in Kamol Sport Park on 22 June, 2024.

The Awards:
1) Age 3.1-3.6 years old (13 riders)
🏅Qualify: 2nd place
🏅Semi- Final: 2nd place
🏅Final: 4th place
2) Age 3.7-4.0 years old (17 riders)
🏅Qualify: 2nd place
🏅Semi- Final: 3rd place
🏅Final: 6th place
3) Age 4.1-4.6 years old (14 riders)
🏅Qualify: 3rd place
🏅Semi- Final: 4th place

Congratulations on your incredible biking achievements!

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