DRAMA WORKSHOP on January 29, 2018

Daniel Foley (actor, writer, and director from the Performance Exchange Company, London, UK) visited RAIS and handled a drama workshop to the grade 11 and 12 students on January 29, 2018 in the RAIS, Bldg. C Auditorium at 1:10- 3:10 pm.

The session lasted for 2 hours with much involvement of the participants. It was indeed a great learning experience of the students to have attended an informative and fun beginners workshop. The workshop taught students not only about acting warm-ups and theatre techniques, but it also allowed them to embrace the importance of focus, discipline, and respect in the world of theatre performance.

The workshop includes:

1) Voice – For all those who use the voice. Based on the “Listening in” and “Whispered Ah” techniques

2) Movement – Centering, breathing, physical expression in performance

3) Acting – Improvisation, audition technique

4) Shakespeare – rhythm and language

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