Field Trip for High School

1.Metropolitan Water Works Authority
Objective of the Trip: To identify the processes involved in the treatment of water in the water treatment plant. To integrate scientific connections between the purpose of visit in the water treatment plant and their fields of interest such as engineering and medicine.

2.Bank of Thailand
Business/ College preparatory and Computer Science Diploma

3.Bangkok Post
On October 29, 30 students who are taking up Diploma in Communication Arts embarked for and educational trip to Bangkok Post. With our digital era, out students were transported to the past on how news were brought during the late 1990’s. It was indeed a blast from the past experience.

4.House of Worships for AP Human Geography
As part of the AP Human Geography Field Study , students visited six selected Houses of Worship within Bangkok. Christ Church Bangkok (Anglican Church) , Assumption Cathedral a Roman Catholic Church, Wat Trimit- Temple of the Golden Budha, Buddhist, Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple , Guru Tawan Sikh Temple and The Foundation Of Islamic Centre Of Thailand , a Muslim mosque). Part of their learning is to analyze, compare and contrast two houses of worship to show how their similarities/differences are evident in the landscape and are reflective of their similarities/differences in belief.

Metropolitan Water Works Authority

Bank of Thailand

Bangkok Post

House of Worships for AP Human Geography

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