Gr.9, Gr.10 and Community Service Club Outreach Activity on November 9, 2019@ Bann Klong Kwang School, Chachoengsao

The Grade 9, 10 and Community Service Club were able to raised 18,000 Baht with the help of other students from Elementary, Middle School, EFL and High School. The raised fund were able to buy chickens for their poultry project and started the vegetable garden. The activity somehow provided an eye-opening experience to those who joined as reflected on their evaluation form and comments.
Here are some of our students’ Comments/ Reflections:

  • It was an overall great trip. We helped the kids plant vegetables and contributed to their chicken farm. I feel great. We should do more of this for sure.
  • I am grateful that I am here to help everyone so that they could have a sustainable life.
  • The experience was really good. It helped me connect to children even though with the language barrier. Connecting to nature and helping in many things I can.
  • I learned that not everyone is fortunate to be in RAIS and offer high education school. They have to work hard to get funds for education and survival.

We would like to thank once again RAIS administration,parents, students, teachers and staff for the continued support.Most of all the Almighty God for the provision and travelling mercies throughout the activity.

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