Grade 10 University Preparatory Camp on February 19, 2021

Each year RAIS conducts a university preparatory camp that prepares students for their future coursework, while still attending high school. This year grade 10 students had an opportunity to attend an on-campus workshop during school hours. It started with devotional messages, followed by group dynamic activities. Then the students were grouped up as they rotated through 5 different stations. Each station provides informative tips and guidance for students in preparing them in making better career choices.

Some major topics include:

    • Student Portfolio Making
    • Importance of SAT, IELTS, TOEFL
    • Choosing a Satisfying Career Path
    • Diplomas Students Could Obtain

We trust the students gain full of knowledge that would help them in their future choices of university. We’d also like to thank Student Council, Guidance and Registrar Departments for helping this event a meaningful one for grade 10.

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