Grade 5 Virtual Moving Up to Middle School Program

The step from elementary to middle school is a big transition. Some students struggle as they transition to middle school; others take to it naturally. But both groups want to know that someone is looking out for them. This is why we held a virtual moving up program on May 26, 2021.

Our Grade 5 students emotionally reminisced their experiences as they all watched a video presentation containing the compilation of photos from different activities. Lukchoop and Jeckob, as representatives, took an opportunity to express their gratitudes and thoughts towards their teachers. Last but not the least, the advices and support the teachers had were all they needed and counted for. Focusing on positive and building hope are great ways to start their journeys ahead.

Special thanks to our lead teachers and participants for making this virtual event meaningful.

▪️Mr. Peter – School Principal
▪️Ms. Sophia – Elementary Head
▪️Mr. Francis – Middle School Head
▪️School Counselors
▪️All Grade 5 teachers

We wish our grade 5 an exciting journey to Middle School.

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