Grade 8 Virtual Orientation & Moving Up Program

Preparing our Grade 8 students for the transition from Middle School to High School is very crucial. After years of hard work and fun learning through Middle School, grade 8 students finally had their orientation and moving up program on May 19, 2021.

Experiencing a virtual meet for a moving up is their first time deal, Students and teachers met each other again virtually during the Chapel period. They viewed class pictures together and discussed about the experiences they have had during their current grade 8, along with their expectations in their upcoming academic years. The students patiently listened to the teachers’ encouragement words. We hope you all the best as you are stepping up into the High School!

Special thanks to our lead teachers and participants for making this virtual event happen.

▪️ Mr Anand, High School Head
▪️ Mrs Veverly, High School Counselor
▪️ JC – Grade 9 Representative
▪️ Mrs. Relly, High School Teacher

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