Grades 7-8 Outreach Ministry on February 16, 2019 @ Watwangdangnua School in Ayuthaya

Grade 7, 8 and the Community Service Club Outreach Activity.

February 16, 2019 at Watwangdangnua School in Ayuthaya
Today, another great experience for the RAIS students who shared their time,skills and physical effort in the various activities that the Guidance Department had organized for the grades 7, 8 students and the Community Service Club Members.

Our students shared the laughter while learning short English lessons, playing various games, cleaning up and painting the school playground facilities.

Above all this is the realization that serving others is more fulfilling.
We, in the Guidance department would like to extend our grateful thanks to all who had been a part of these activity.
To all grades 7, 8 and Community service club parents thank you for allowing your child to participate in this activity and for your donations.Grades 7 and 8 homeroom teachers,Watwangdangnua School Students,teachers and their Director.

May God continue to bless us all.

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