Silence of the Band

marching band may be left temporarily silenced due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the members won’t get the chance to show off this year despite having already been preparing for months.
These smart and dedicated students had been practicing since December and dedicated countless hours.
But COVID-19 brought most of the events and concerts to a halt, and for some, they may never get the chance to play in it again.
The band is mostly made up of middle school students. These students are encouraged to learn time-management skills. And we are so proud of how well the students manage their studies as well as marching band.
The cool part about these students and our band is that the second we see them; they are so amped right away. They come into the facility where we practice and they’re super excited and super pumped. To have that kind of spirit sustained for that amount of time, that’s hours of sustained RAIS Marching Band spirit. We’re in there working and making sure we put on a good show and again, it’s a testament to how awesome the students are.

RAIS band

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