The 11th world – PEC awarding ceremony on February 19, 2019 @ Pathumthani

The 11th world – PEC awarding ceremony at Pathumthani was attended by our RAIS student winners of the essay competition on February 19, 2019. It was their first time but an enriching experience.

The student awardees are:

In grade 7 – 9 category
1) Ms. Nongnapas Tangmanee (Oop – Ib Gr. 9A – 4th place)
2) Ms. Nataly Ljungars (Natty Gr. 9C – 7th place)
3) Ms. Athitiya Singhapan (Ellie Gr. 7C – 19th place)

In grade 10 – 12 category
1) Ms. Samitanan Niu (Qing Qing Gr. 11A – 2nd Place)
2) Mr. Akarachai Sunthadkijkarn (O Gr. 10B – 12th place)
3) Mr. Atiwat Rachatawarn (Anakin Gr. 12B – 13th place)

There were 6000 students in total who participated in the competitions from different schools in Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar. World PEC is ready to become a world renowned program in the near future.

We would like to appreciate and thank all the parents, teachers and the administration for encouraging and supporting our young minds to participate in such activities and to reflect those virtues in their day – to – day life.

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