The New D2 Building

If you’ve been following the recents posts from RAIS, you will have seen the introduction of the new D2 building. Each floor has a specific use. You can read more about each of the floors on this page. Below, you can see what each floor will be used for. Please go through the pictures of the different floors to see what’s new in RAIS.

6th Floor – Auditorium

The best has definitely been saved for last in this building. On the sixth floor you will find a wonderfully modern auditorium. This will be used for student presentations and professional development. The space is designed to cater to a smaller amount of people, so the audience and presenters are closer to each other. This should make interactions and presentations better for all involved. We hope to see you there for a presentation soon!

5th Floor – Guidance: Multi-Purpose

One of the most vital departments in the school is the guidance department. For this reason, the entire fifth floor will be dedicated to the guidance department. This space will be used for many of the activities the guidance department take care of. Whether you are learning about yourself, solving a conflict, making plans for the future, or taking a test to determine your future, you will be with the guidance department. This room will give the guidance ample space also for programs and any future activities they plan. As always, drop in to see the guidance department to get a smile and advice.

4th Floor – Biology & Chemistry Labs

On the fourth floor, you will find the biology and chemistry labs. As you can see, RAIS has well and truly updated. These new labs will bring students further into the unknown macro universe than they ever dreamt possible. Filled with technology to keep the children safe, they will feel secure to dive deeper than they ever have into these great fields of science.

3rd Floor – Physics Lab

The third floor of the D2 building is dedicated solely to Physics. As you can see, this floor has ample space for the next Albert Einstein or Niels Bohr to be born. As Ernest Rutherford stated, “All science is either physics or stamp collecting.” RAIS also sees physics as a major player in achieving scientific academic excellence, so we have given a whole floor to the study of this complex field of science.

2nd Floor – Art Room

The second floor of the new building will be used solely for the Art department. As you can see, there is ample space for the children of RAIS to let their creative spirit run wild and create all the wonderful art you will get to see in our annual art-exhibition. Being creative is an extremely important part of mental development, so RAIS encourages this as much as possible.

1st Floor – Maintenance & Art Storage

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