The Twentieth Anniversary of RAIS

If you were to be asked where you would be in twenty years, what would you say? Can you imagine the experiences you will have in this time, the people you will share these experiences with, or the many blessings you will receive along the way?

On the fourth of December, 2019, the full extended family of RAIS met to celebrate twenty years of blessings. Mr. Udom Srikureija and Mrs. Sasithorn Srikureija, the Parents of this family, cut the ribbon – marking the culmination of these two decades. What was to follow was a program filled with performances of all types, and there were testimonies from some of the greats in RAIS’s history.

This program was not only made possible by twenty years of dedication, it was a result of some very dedicated employees of RAIS. Many months ago, work began preparing for this day. So, gratitude must go to the wonderful MCs that started setting the program in order with the co-curricular department, the music department that started practicing well in advance, the art department that began creating the extravagant backdrop that would carry this event, and the front office that handled the myriad of logistics that literally supported it all. Together, this team created what was to be an evening that will not soon be forgotten.

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