Math and Science Department

Math Department

RAIS Math Department offers a wide range of mathematics courses ranging from Algebra II (grade 9), Geometry (Grade 10), Pre-calculus (Grade 11), AP Statistics (Grade 11), Calculus (Grade 12), and AP Calculus (Grade 12).

The school adopts the High School Mathematics Common Core State Standards Curriculum and it was fully implemented since school year 2016-2017.

Our mathematics courses ensure our students to a smooth transition from high school to university.

Our caring, well-trained, and highly qualified mathematics faculty members transforms math learning into an enjoyable experience.

Our courses also help prepare our students to be successful in external exams such as SAT, MAP, and university entrance exams.

Science Department

The Science Department is well known for its high standards and quality.

Here at RAIS science courses are based upon California Common Core Content Standards and Next Generation Science Standards where science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas and cross cutting concepts of science are blended into three dimensional learning environment for all students.

It encourages greater communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills among students.

The science course is divided into four subject areas, Physical Science and Universe (Grade 9), Biology (Grade 10), Chemistry (Grade 11) and Physics (Grade 12). Our science teachers are well trained to integrate knowledge and science practices through investigation, lab activities and research.

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