General College/University Admissions Requirements/ Criteria

Generally, admission is possible through the following:

  1. *Note: Students need to see more information provided by the specific colleges for these requirements.
  2. Using standardized test scores; colleges generally require:
    • SAT: Score of at least 1100 (combined Math & Verbal) and/or
    • TOEFL: Score of at least 213 (computer-based test) or 550-600 (paper-based test), and/or
    • IELTS: Score of at least 5.5-7.0
  3. Pass the entrance exam consisting of English and Math, and other specific subjects if required.
  4. High-school transcript (GPA of approximately 2.50).
  5. Recommendation letters from teachers.
  6. Thai I.D. cards and/or passport.

Highly Recommended Subjects

Highly Recommended Subjects that should be taken in High School in preparation for the Main Majors Offered in Thai Universities with International Programs are the following:

Major Highly Recommended Subjects
Business (BBA) Algebra, Statistics, Accounting, Calculus
Engineering Calculus, Chemistry, Physics
Medicine Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Biology
Communication Arts Elective Subject

TOEFL / SAT Support and Preparation

TOEFL: Computer-based test; Listening, Structure, Reading, Writing
SAT: Verbal, Math, Writing
Contact RAIS, Tel. 02-370-0316

Useful Information

IELTS      or 0-2652-5480-9 Ext. 501, 502
CU-TEP   or 0-2218-3704-6

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