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After School Study Program


Provide academic assistance to low level but persevering students though remedial classes. It is designed to address academic difficulty of students.


  • Improve the academic performance of the at-risk students especially those with C grade and below.
  • Improve the reading proficiency of students who has difficulty is reading.
  • Provide remedial classes to students with failing failling grades.
  • Provide supervision to students needing assistance in doing their homework and projects.

Who may join ?

  1. We highly recommend our students who are not performing well in school to join this program.
  2. Students who needs assistance in homework and projects
  3. Students who want to enhance their reading skills.

Payment Terms

  1. Students who want to enroll in the after-school study program need to pay the monthly fee (in advance) to the Cashier.
  2. The fee is prorated for those that start after the begining of a quater.


  • First Quater: August to October
  • Second Quater:October to December
  • Third Quater:January to March
  • Forth Quater: March to June

Private: Individual instruction and supervision  400 baht / hour
Group: A maximum number of 3 – 5 students   250 baht / hour

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