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RAIS Inclusive Special Educational Needs Program

RAIS believes that every child has the right to learn. Our Special Educational Needs Program welcomes students with learning support needs in close collaboration with the mainstream classes and a well-planned skill acquisition & comprehensive individualized curriculum.
Our goal is to help all children to develop to their full potential. And as a caring community, we are determined to giving the best we can with love and care.
เพราะเราเชื่อว่าเด็กทุกคนย่อมมีสิทธิ์เข้าถึงการเรียนรู้ RAIS มอบโอกาสให้เด็ก ๆ ที่มีความต้องการพิเศษได้เข้าถึงการเรียนรู้ผ่านหลักสูตร SEN ซึ่งเป็นโปรแกรมที่ออกแบบมาเพื่อความเหมาะสมสำหรับผู้เรียนแต่ละคนโดยเฉพาะ
จุดมุ่งหมายของเรา คือเพื่อต้องการเปิดโอกาสให้เด็กทุกคนได้พัฒนาตนเองให้เต็มศักยภาพ และภายใต้สโลแกน ‘a caring community’ พวกเราจึงตั้งปณิธานที่จะทำเพื่อเด็ก ๆ ให้ดีที่สุด . . . ด้วยหัวใจ

What the program look like?

Inclusion of students with special needs

Students with special needs will be accepted to join RAIS provided that parents will abide and agree with the school policies and guidelines for SEN students.
1. Parents should provide complete information of students. Especially, those who are diagnosed of any special needs condition for support and intervention purposes.
2. For those student who are not diagnosed but manifesting any conditions that may affect its learning maybe recommended for observation, assessment and further evaluation and will be referred for intervention.( if parent would agree, this will benefit the student and parent as well)
3. Students with diagnostic report, and are submitted to the school will be qualified for the school policies on accommodation and Intervention.
4. For SEN student that needs SEN teacher/Shadow teacher, parents are to pay special fees for the service; that if parents are not in agreement with the policy, they may withdraw their child.
5. That, parents should attend regular parent conference to discuss student progress.
6. For SEN student who are promoted to MS will be given social passes until Grade 8 and may be extended till HS if parent will agree on the Accommodation policy of the school.

Modification and Accommodations:

Accommodations is a supports and services provided to help a student access the general education curriculum and validly demonstrate learning. While modifications are Individualized changes made to the content and performance expectations for students.

1. Provision of Curriculum and Instructional modification.
2. Environmental and Social Accommodations.
3. Intervention and support
4. Referrals

SEN Program Conditions

Condition 1: Pull In / Pull Out Support
– for student with low to average developmental delay, Mild to moderate Autism disorder, Attention deficit Hyperactive Disorder / Attention Deficit Disorder and other learning Difficulties that may benefit in regular mainstream class while receiving 1 periods daily of pull in and pull out class.
Condition 2: Full time shadow or support teacher
– for student who has a condition of moderate to severe learning difficulty and moderate to severe Autism disorder that may benefit in the regular mainstream class with the full time shadow teacher be assigned to support the student in and outside the class during school hours.

Condition 3: Full time Special Educational Needs Class
– also called mainstreaming, student will be placed in a small group of differentiated curriculum, differentiated activities and self-help program. Setting together with other student with similar condition and level of restriction and impairment.

For more details, please contact: Mrs. Veverly -SEN coordinator at
Email: counselors@rais.ac.th
Call: 02 370 0316-7 ext.262
LINE: @rais

Fine and Gross Motor Skills Activities

Academic Support through Individualized Educational Plan

 Behavior Management and Social Skills Classes

Executive Function Skills Classes

Sensory Skills Activities

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