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Ramkhamhaeng Advent International School
1 Soi Ramkhamhaeng 119, Sukhapibal 3, Huamark Bangkapi Bangkok 10240 Thailand

Office Number:

Office Hours

Monday to Thursday
7:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

7:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

8:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

Fax: 02-370-0793
Email: info@rais.ac.th

Phone & Email directory

RAIS  Directory Phone 2020-2021
Building Department / Room / location Contact number Related parties
Admin Mr. Udom’s Office 118 Mr. Udom
Mr. Poramit’s Office 113 Mr. Poramit
 Building A General Manager 114 Mrs. Aey
PR. (Front Office)  0 / 101 / 102 Mrs. Namfon / Ms. Fern
PR. (Back Office) 103 Ms. Faii
PR. (Back Office) 105 Mrs.Mint
Registrar 106 Ms. Meen
Registrar 107 Mrs. Nok
HR. Department 109 Mrs. Guitar
Finance / Cashier 110 Mrs. Porn / Mrs. Tay
Finance 112 Mrs. Sai
 Purchasing 115 Ms. A
 Purchasing 117 Ms. Sup
Government Liaison / Transportation 116 Mrs. Yena / Ms. Kitty
IT Department 121 Mr. Book / Mr. Nick
Plant and services / Food &Beverage 122 Ms. Ja Ae
Finance Manager 312 Ms. Kai
IT Department 388 Mr. Sam
 Building B Stock G.J. Pacific ( Building B ) 261
 Building B2 Copy Center /Store ( Building B2 ) 221 Mr. Thot
 Building C Copy Center  ( Building C ) 313 Mr.Donn
Maintenance  room 315 Mr. Somdej / Mr. Thongmak / Mr.Kook
 Building D Café /  Uniform / Convenience Store 411 Ms. Da / Mint
Building E Book Room 513 Mr. Elmer
Other RAISSTA 363
New Life Radio 132 Mr.Rond
G.J. Pacific’s Office 108 Ms. Namtip
Security guard 119
Section Head Section Leader Room (Elementary & middle & EFL) 222 Mrs. Sophia
HR.Coordinator , Curriculum Coordinator 223 Mr. Aloysius /  Ms. Fatima
Section Leader Room (Activity) 321 Mr. Sanny
Principal’s Office 322 Mr. Peter
Secretary Principal 323 Mrs. Veronica
Section Leader Room (Guidance) 324 Mrs.Veverly
Section Leader Room (High School) 325 Mr. Anand
Section Leader Room (Middle School) 531 Mr. Francis
 Building A Science Lab 141
 Building B1 Play room A 213
Nurse Room  ( Building B1 ) 211 Mrs. Mae Angie
Supervisor Room 212
Canteen for Kindergarten 369
Building B2 Pre School Teacher’s lounge 2nd Floor 364
Guidance’s Office 262 Mrs. Nula
Art Room 5th Floor 365
 Building C High School Teacher’s lounge 5th Floor 352
Middle School Teacher’s lounge 3th Floor 288
Computer  Lab 351 Mr. Priyantha
Library 311 Mrs. Elmie / Mrs. Achini
Guidance’s Office 324 Ms. Princess
PE Department 356
WASC Room 326
Building E Art Department 512
Nurse Room ( Building E ) 511 Ms. Melody
Music Room 521
Thai Teacher’s Room 541
Auditorium Auditorium , Control Room  ( Building B ) 231
Auditorium , Control Room  ( Building C ) 361
Dressing Room of Auditorium   ( Building C ) 362
Position Name Email
Chairman Mr. Udom Srikureja udom@rais.ac.th
Vice Chairman Mrs. Sasithorn Srikureja sasithorn@rais.ac.th
Assistant Chairman Mr. Poramit Srikureja poramit@rais.ac.th
Position Name Email
Principal Mr. Peter Munasinghe principal@rais.ac.th
Principal’s Secretary Ms. Veronica Luzadas ms.veronica@rais.ac.th
Thai Principal Ms. Tippayaporn Masertsri (Jibjib) ms.tippayaporn@rais.ac.th
Curriculum Coordinator Mr. Sanny Lou Zamora mr.sanny@rais.ac.th
Human Resources Coordinator Mr. Uwage Don Aloysius hrd@rais.ac.th
Human Resources Secretary Ms. Fatima De Guzman ms.fatima@rais.ac.th
Librarian Ms. Elmie Sumbilon mrs.elmie@rais.ac.th
Assistant Librarian Mrs. Achini Priyadarshani mrs.achini@rais.ac.th
Head of Guidance Mrs. Veverly Lou Mamulang mrs.veverly@rais.ac.th
Guidance Counselor (Preschool/Elementary/EFL) Mrs. Nula Hoihnu Mark mrs.nula@rais.ac.th
Guidance Counselor (Middle School) Ms. Princess Blaire Gil ms.princess@rais.ac.th
Head of Supervisor Mr. Jan Michael Eduave mr.janmichaele@rais.ac.th
Supervisors Mr. Victor Bryan Batiao mr.bryan@rais.ac.th
Mr. Kurt Russell Haresco mr.kurt@rais.ac.th
Mr. Alvin Joseph Baratas mr.alvin@rais.ac.th
Mr. Andy Antonio mr.andy@rais.ac.th
School Nurse Ms. Melody Buyacao ms.melody@rais.ac.th
Preschool/Elementary and EFL Department
Position Name Email
Head of Preschool, Elementary, & EFL Mrs. Sophia Manduri eshead@rais.ac.th
Kindergarten 1 Ms. Maryam Esmaeili ms.maryam@rais.ac.th
Kindergarten 2 Ms. Marjan Moayeri ms.marjan@rais.ac.th
Kindergarten 2 Ms. Jamilly Alves Lima ms.jamilly@rais.ac.th
Kindergarten 3 Ms. Wilawan Kanthawong ms.wilawan@rais.ac.th
Kindergarten 3 Ms. Kalyn Courtney Temples ms.kalyn@rais.ac.th
Bible Teacher Mrs. Suzette Tayamora mrs.suzette@rais.ac.th
Teacher Assistant Ms. Brienette Ynion ms.brienette@rais.ac.th
Teacher Assistant Ms. Analie Lotilla ms.analie@rais.ac.th
Teacher Assistant Ms. Beverlyn Tolentino ms.beverlyn@rais.ac.th
Teacher Assistant Mrs. Vanlalhmunsiami Sailo mrs.sailo@rais.ac.th
Teacher Assistant Mrs. Donna Risa Batiao mrs.donna@rais.ac.th
Grade 1 Teachers Mrs. Mellany Ombiga mrs.mellany@rais.ac.th
Mr. Pierre Henry Nicholas mr.pierre@rais.ac.th
Grade 2 Teachers Ms. Yuliya Smirnova ms.yuliya@rais.ac.th
Mrs. Edene Anover mrs.edene@rais.ac.th
Grade 3 Teachers Mr. Dylan Soal mr.dylan@rais.ac.th
Mrs. Susan Gono ms.susan@rais.ac.th
Mr. Ermijun Dinero mr.ermijun@rais.ac.th 
Grade 4 Teachers Ms. Jessa Mamolang ms.jessa@rais.ac.th
Ms. Liecha May White ms.leicha@rais.ac.th
Mr. Angel Tumampos ms.angel@rais.ac.th
Grade 5 Teachers Mrs. Emelda Ablao mrs.emelda@rais.ac.th
Mrs. Sudha Ebenezar mrs.sudha@rais.ac.th
Mr. Jonathan Lozano mr.jonathan@rais.ac.th
Chinese Teacher Mrs. Chompunooch Tangapaibulpongsa mrs.chompunooch@rais.ac.th
Computer Teacher Mr. Rommer Ace Ablao mr.rommer@rais.ac.th
Subject Teacher Mr. Sherwin Paculanang mr.sherwin@rais.ac.th
Substitute Teacher Ms. Florence Guboc ms.florence@rais.ac.th
EFL Ms. Olga Iziumova ms.olga@rais.ac.th
Middle School Department
Position Name Email
Head of Middleschool Mr. Francis Sherwood mr.francis@rais.ac.th
Grade 6 Teachers Mrs. Diana Castillo mrs.diana@rais.ac.th
Mr. Obie Ellmoos mr.obie@rais.ac.th
Grade 7 Teachers Ms. Rhea Mae Recheta ms.rhea@rais.ac.th
Mr. Alwyn Mark mr.alwyn@rais.ac.th
Mrs. Mary Megan Bo-ateng mrs.mary@rais.ac.th
Grade 8 Teachers Ms. Ashley Johnson ms.ashley@rais.ac.th
Mr. Jan Michael Recheta mr.janmichael@rais.ac.th
Ms. Jo Anne Villanueva ms.joanne@rais.ac.th
Computer Teacher Mr. Arjhan Polonio mr.arjhan@rais.ac.th
Highschool Department
Position Name Email
Head of Highschool Mr. Anand Rao Manduri mr.anand@rais.ac.th
Grade 9 Teachers Mr. Kevin John mr.kevin@rais.ac.th
Mr. Alden Mancenido mr.alden@rais.ac.th
Mr. Samuel Rowan mr.samuel@rais.ac.th
Grade 10 Teachers Mrs. Arvind Singh mrs.arvind@rais.ac.th
Mr. Christopher Grainger mr.christopher@rais.ac.th
Mr. Ricardo Go mr.ricardo@rais.ac.th 
Grade 11 Teachers Mrs. Norina Joy Balaba mrs.norina@rais.ac.th
Mrs. Anindya Das mrs.anindya@rais.ac.th
Grade 12 Teachers Ms. Merionne Dimen ms.merionne@rais.ac.th
Mr. Wann Fanwar dr.fanwar@rais.ac.th
Ms. Louegrace Ligasan ms.louegrace@rais.ac.th
Chemistry Teacher Mr. Aldo Calsi mr.aldo@rais.ac.th
Math Teacher Mrs. Relly Edodollon mrs.relly@rais.ac.th
Computer Teachers Mr. Sisira Priyantha Aloysius mr.priyantha@rais.ac.th
Mr. Elden Ombiga mr.elden@rais.ac.th
Activity Department
Position Name Email
Head of Activity Mr. Francis Sherwood mr.francis@rais.ac.th
Art Teachers Mr. Jeremiah Digo mr.jeremiah@rais.ac.th
Mr. Kenny Valeza mr.kenny@rais.ac.th
Music Teachers Ms. Charlyn Faith Nogra ms.charlyn@rais.ac.th
Ms. Hermiene Gaile Seperoto ms.hermiene@rais.ac.th
Mr. Jan Steve Lacsina mr.steve@rais.ac.th
Mr. Kayvis Blessed Duran mr.kayvis@rais.ac.th
P.E. Teachers Ms. Roxanne Dela Cruz ms.roxanne@rais.ac.th
Mr. Raymund Alba mr.raymund@rais.ac.th
Mr. Nepthalie Judicpa mr.nepthalie@rais.ac.th
Mr. Marcos Mamulang mr.marcos@rais.ac.th
Thai Teachers Ms. Mirin-On Satitjaroanmuan (Da) ms.mirinon@rais.ac.th 
Mrs. Nongluk Boonluksanawong (Dang) ms.nongluk@rais.ac.th
Mrs. Raweewan Promchaiyaporn (Mam) ms.raweewan@rais.ac.th
Ms. Tippayaporn Masertsri (Jibjib) ms.tippayaporn@rais.ac.th
Ms. Kirakamon Chybandit (Tak) ms.kirakamo@rais.ac.thh
Ms. Kulaphonphat Haton (Jiff) ms.kulaphonpaht@rais.ac.th
Ms. Maesaya Chittabut (Mae) ms.maesaya@rais.ac.th
SEN Department
Position Name Email
SEN Teachers Mrs. Carmine Salvador mrs.carmine@rais.ac.th
Mrs. Lorraine Zelinski mrs.lorraine@rais.ac.th
Ms. Marilou Ursua ms.marilou@rais.ac.th
Ms. Richellene Dionisio ms.richellene@rais.ac.th
Position Name Email
General Manager Mrs. Suvimol Gomasatit manager@rais.ac.th
Registrar Ms. Piengpit Phojan registrar@rais.ac.th
Finance Manager Ms. Punika Komsunthia finance@rais.ac.th
Cashier Ms. Phusanisa Kulwichottana cashier@rais.ac.th
Mrs. Chantraporn Pleangwong cashier@rais.ac.th
Mrs. Benja Sowanna cashier@rais.ac.th
Public Relation Mrs. Nula Hoihnu Alwyn Edwin Mark pr@rais.ac.th
Human Resources Mrs. Hathaichanok Phloenchit hr@rais.ac.th
Government Liaison Ms. Nopphawan Chipanha visa@rais.ac.th
Marketing Department marketing@rais.ac.th
Purchasing Department Ms. Nuttabongkod Keawsanthea purchasing@rais.ac.th
Ground and Maintenance Mr. Somdet Khumsanaid maintenance@rais.ac.th 
Book Room/Inventory Mr. Elmer Tahum Tagnia bookroom@rais.ac.th
Head of ICT and Webmaster Mr. Thanaarnun Acarawatgoson webmaster@rais.ac.th
IT Supports Mr. Natchapon Singhasanee itsupport@rais.ac.th 
Mr. Poramed Kaseamsamran itsupport@rais.ac.th 

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