Pathfinder Adventurer Club

The RAIS Pathfinder program is dedicated to youth training for the physical, mental, social, and spiritual well being of the students. The Pathfinder club is part of a worldwide organization operated by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

The Pathfinder Club, being a church-centered recreational-spiritual program, has been designed for children from grades 5 to 10 (ages 10 to 15 years old) and offers action, adventure, group activities, and challenge that produce team spirit and teach valuable life skills. This program is a support program to the Bible subject. It is established for the benefit of the students to be prepared for real life challenges.

The club provides a key step in its educational program-an opportunity to take children out from a classroom setting into outdoor adventures as well.

The highlight of the year for the Pathfinders’ activity is always a three days-long camping trip. The camping trip will give the Pathfinders the opportunities to camp in tents, to conquer challenging obstacle courses, and even cooking their own food over fires.

RAIS has started its Adventurer Club in the school year 2010-2011. The Pathfinder program is starting from the Friend Class up to Ranger Class only. We are looking forward to complete the whole level of the Pathfinder Progressive Classes and to start a Masterguide Club in the near future.

Mr. Mernel Nequia

Pathfinder Club Director

The RAIS Pathfinder Curriculum Components

adapted from the SAUM Curriculum Revision 2008, Vietnam.


Little Lamb: Pre – Kindergarten (4 years old)
Eager: Beavers – Kindergarten (5 years old)

Adventurer Club

  • Busy Bee: Be 6 years old or in Grade 1 (or its equivalent)
  • Sunbeam: Be 7 years old or in Grade 2 (or its equivalent)
  • Builder: Be 8 years old or in Grade 3 (or its equivalent)
  • Helping Hand: Be 9 years old or in Grade 4 (or its equivalent)

Pathfinder Club

  • Friend: Be 10 years old or in Grade 5 (or its equivalent)
  • Companion: Be 11 years old or in Grade 6 (or its equivalent)
  • Explorer: Be 12 years old or in Grade 7 (or its equivalent)
  • Ranger: Be 13 years old or in Grade 8 (or its equivalent)
  • Voyager: Be 14 years old or in Grade 9 (or its equivalent)
  • Guide: Be 15 years old or in Grade 10 (or its equivalent)

Masterguide Club

  • Invested Masterguide: Be at least 16 years old or above.
  • Counselor: must serve at least for a year as a counselor for the unit.
  • Instructor: must serve at least a year as instructor, teaching the skills to the club members.
  • Deputy Director: must serve at least a year as assistant (Deputy Director) to the club.
  • Director: is able to finish all other levels and serves as the Chairman of the club.
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