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Mrs. Veverly Lou R. Mamulang

Mrs. Veverly Lou R. Mamulang


PS/ES/EFL 1 & 2 Counselor

Mrs. Nula Hoihnu Mark

Mrs. Nula Hoihnu Mark

MA Social Psychology

Middle School/ EFL 3&4 Counselor

Goal: Optimum Development of an individual through self- direction, and self-development.

The Guidance Department:
Guidance & Counseling Department is part of the students services of the school, of which the basic functions is to facilitate the students to explore who they are and their potentials, as well as ensuring the emotional health and stability of all RAIS students.  Our goal is to assist students to make the most of their school years and to help them make wise decisions about the future.  This is done by providing assistance to facilitate growth and development in various aspects of living, such as educational planning, personal relationship and living with one’s self and others in the society.  We aim to deliver the four program components of a comprehensive guidance program as presented. (adopted from Gysbers and Henderson)

The Guidance and Counselling department provides the following services:

Guidance Curriculum

  • Personal/Social Development
  • Academic Development
  • Career Development
  • Information  Drive
  • Orientation Program
  • Guidance Class

Responsive Service

  • Parent conferences
  • Referrals
  • Classroom observation

Individual Planning

  • Guidance and counselling
  • Consultation
  • Student Assessment

System Support

  • Community Outreach
  • Afterschool program
  • Benevolent Services

The Counselors:
The guidance Counselors assist students in the areas of academic achievement, personal social development, ensuring today’s students will be well adjusted adults of tomorrow. This is done by providing assistance to facilitate student growth and development in various aspect of living, such as educational planning, career choice and personal relationships.

Three counselors, one in these sections (ES/PS, MS/EFL/HS)  work closely with parents, teachers and administration towards achieving maximum success of each student.

To Students:
The counselors work closely with students by helping them solve their problems. They believe that positive change is achieved by helping students build skills that they are lacking and that students have the efficacy to succeed in their lives with support and Guidance.The counselors welcome students to explore concerns that they have with the knowledge that their issues will be treated with confidentiality and discussed with related parties when necessary.

To Teachers:
The counselors work collaboratively with teachers in providing assistance to facilitate student growth and development in different aspect of their lives while at school. They work teachers hand in hand in achieving common goal which is to develop the character of  individual students for a fruitful future.

To Parents:
The counselors are  in close communication with parent in order to assure the continuity of all programs in Guidance. Parents involvement in all the guidance program is the main key for the success of achieving common goals.Parents are inform most of the time about the issues and concern pertaining to their child.

The  Guidance Office:
The Guidance and Counselling office  is open from 7:00 am until 4:00 pm every school day. Students and parents are welcome to drop in or make an appointment to consult with our Guidance Counselors.One counselor is assigned in each section.The contact number fo is 02-370-0316 ext. 324 or  ext.262.You can also e-mail your concerns at counselor@rais.ac.th.

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