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Mrs. Nula Hoihnu Mark

Mrs. Nula Hoihnu Mark

School Counselor

Guidance and Counselling Goal is Optimum Development of an individual student through self- direction, and self-development.

Guidance & Counseling Department is part of the students’ services of the school, of which the basic functions are to facilitate the students to explore who they are and their potentials, as well as ensuring the emotional health and stability of all RAIS students. 

Our goal is to assist students to make the most of their school years and to help them make wise decisions about the future.  This is done by helping facilitate growth and development in various aspects of living, such as educational planning, personal relationship and living with oneself and others in the society. 

Areas of Focus:

Guidance Curriculum
Personal, social, and academic development, career development information drive, orientation program and guidance classes.

Social & Emotional


Academic & Career

Information & Orientation


Classroom Guidance

Responsive Services
Parent conferences, Referrals, Student monitoring and observation

Individual Planning
Guidance and counselling, Consultation Student Assessment

System Support
Community Outreach Afterschool Program Benevolent Services

For more information, visit the school counselor @ the Guidance and Counselling office
from 7:00 am until 4:00 pm every school day.

The contact number is 02-370-0316 ext. 324 or ext.262.
You can also e-mail your concerns at counselor@rais.ac.th

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