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Business Department

At RAIS, the Business department holds the honor of seeing the greatest number of students graduate with a High School Diploma in Business Studies every year.    Led by a strong team of department head and teachers, it has seen several students graduate from here into reputed universities. Some students have also earned themselves admission into big Business schools abroad in countries like the United States of America, Canada, and some have also been able to seek admission into universities in their home countries like Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Thailand.

The students are creative and innovative. Research is very much emphasized by the faculty of this department. Also, the faculty encourages hands on project-based learning which will enhance creativity among students. RAIS offers, Introduction to Business, Marketing, Accounting, Business Management AP Macro Economics and Economics at our high school.

 Students are groomed from grade 9 into the business department by choosing the subject, Introduction to Business. They, then, choose their line of specialization when they attend grades 11 and 12. 

The department is headed by Mr. Anand Rao Manduri and the faculty of the department are Mr. Kevin Richard John and Mrs.Anindiya Das.

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