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Math Department

RAIS Math Department offers a wide range of mathematics courses ranging from Algebra II, Geometry, Precalculus, Statistics, and Calculus. The school adopts the High School Mathematics Common Core State Standards Curriculum which increases rigor to prepare students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful for college, career and life.

Our mathematics courses ensure our students to a smooth transition from high school to university. Our courses also help prepare our students to be successful in external exams such as SAT, MAP, and university entrance exams.

Our caring, well-trained, and highly qualified mathematics faculty members transforms math learning into an enjoyable experience. We cultivate and nurture curiosity about mathematics by encouraging inquiry, logical thinking, and critical reasoning. We prepare students for successful roles in an ever-changing society by challenging them to persevere and appreciate the intrinsic beauty of mathematics.

The Department main activity for the school year is the STEM Week in collaboration with the Science and IT Departments. We as well participate in the annual Singapore and Asian Schools Mathematics Olympiad (SASMO).

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