Computer Science Department

Welcome to the ICT Department of RAIS
The ICT department aims to provide a varied, demanding and continually evolving curriculum for RAIS students. It is our belief that ICT is both a core and an extremely important subject for students to study in terms of its cross-curricular nature as well as the significance it has in the world of work. To meet these demands the curriculum is refreshed yearly so that students gain exposure to the latest applications software.

Grade 9, 10 & 12

Students of grades 9, 10 and 12 use Glencoe books for the following courses respectively: Introduction to Desktop Publishing with Digital Graphics, Introduction to Multimedia and Introduction to Web Design using Adobe Dreamweaver.

Technology courses:

  • Computer I – Grade 9 – Introduction to Desktop Publishing With Digital Graphics
  • Computer II – Grade 10 – Introduction to Multimedia
  • Computer III – Grade 12 – Introduction to Web Design using Dreamweaver

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