Message from Principal

Mr.Peter Munasinghe

August 3, 2016

Dear Parents:


Greetings from RAIS! We have just begun the 2016/2017 school year. It is nice to see our students back at school once again. During the 2015/2016 school year RAIS administration along with the faculty and staff, have done our best to educate your children. I am sure that you would have observed the values that the school was able to instill in the lives of your children.

RAIS administration has painstakingly worked to improve the aesthetic beauty, building facilities, curriculum alignment, classroom and lab furniture and equipment, recreational facilities, instructional material, and many more during the holidays in order to create an ideal teaching and learning situation at school.  We have good news from our accrediting bodies and about the accomplishments of our students to share with you.  Some of the many improvements that the RAIS administration was able to accomplish during the summer holidays and events that we are pleased to share with you are as follows:

  1. High School Graduation: On 15th of May, 50 students graduated. Almost all of them (48), found entrance to centers of higher education here and abroad. The name of the University and the number of students who gained admission for the same are given below for your information.
    • Mahidol University                                            10    students
    • Chulaongkorn University                                  01           ,,
    • Tammasat University                                        11           ,,
    • Assumption University                                     06           ,,
    • Dusit College                                                     01           ,,
    • Rangsit University                                             05           ,,
    • King Mongkuts University                                01           ,,
    • Sripatum University                                          01           ,,
    • Maefahluang University                                   01           ,,
    • Thai Nichi University                                         01           ,,
    • Foreign Universities USA/Austr/ Singapore     10           ,,
    • Chose to start a career                                     01           ,,
    • No information yet                                           01           ,,
  2. Green Court: The floor of the Green Court was redone in order that the students in the elementary school students could have more sports activities there.
  3. Basket ball Court: of the “E” building was renovated.
  4. Computer Labs: were updated with 38 new computers, furniture and classroom repairs.
  5. Advanced Placement: RAIS students who appeared for AP exams have shown a remarkable improvement in their performance.
  6. New Teachers: In order to meet the teaching needs, RAIS has hired academically qualified, energetic, new teachers from USA, Europe and Asian Countries.
  7. Staff Upgrading: During the summer, special in-service seminar was held for teachers to understand about the Common Core Curriculum and the Effective ways of data analysis for enhancement of student learning.
  8. Medical Checkups for Cafeteria Workers and Nannies: The school arranged for the food handlers and the nannies to go through medical checkups and receive immunization shots. The school authorities always want the workers to be healthy while they closely mingle with all our students.
  9. Sports Victories: RAIS students won the championship trophy from the International Schools Athletic Association (ISAA), for being the best school in sports during the school year.
  10. PE Resources Upgraded: RAIS purchased many sports equipment including several Table Tennis tables for students to develop their sports skills.
  11. Classroom Painting: Most of the classrooms were painted to create a clean atmosphere and suitable environment for learning.
  12. LED Lighting: School has introduced LED lights in order to provide a better, economical and environment friendly lighting system.
  13. Revision of Curriculum: The Curriculum Department revised the curriculum from Nursery to Grade 12 in order to keep abreast with the current educational needs.
  14. New Books: The Mathematics Curriculum was reviewed and as a result the text book of grade 8 was changed. Similarly, after the revision of the ICT curriculum, new teaching materials were purchased.
  15. Music Department: In order to improve music education, school purchased musical instruments and teaching material from USA and Australia.
  16. School Evaluation: During last year the school underwent two major evaluations. The first team from WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), evaluated us from 20th to 24th of March. The second team of evaluators from the Office of the Private Education Commission (OPEC) evaluated RAIS on the 24th of March. WASC accredited us for another full term which is a six year period. OPEC granted us a high score of 97.5 per cent.
  17. ISO 9001;2015 Certification: With the purpose of serving you better with high quality, the RAIS board has decided to seek ISO certification. ISO is a quality assurance body. Officers from ISO are expected to carry out an audit by November of this year.
  18. School Expansion: In order to provide more facilities the students school authorities started to build a new building on the property purchased adjacent to the “B” building on soi 117. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of the current school year.
  19. Art/Science/Music Lab Expansion: School has purchased land adjacent to the “E” building to develop the Science, Arts and Music facilities. Work on that site will commence as soon as the work in the building next to the “B” building is completed.
  20. Engrade Pro: RAIS administration has decided to upgrade the en-grade program so that we could communicate information about our students with you better. These days the school administration is communicating with the Engrade Pro service provider in the U.S.A. Once when the new engrade pro program is installed, you will not be able to recover any data from the old or current engrade program.  The school also will try to store all the old data and information in the school server. Therefore, if you are interested to have the engrade data please save it in your computer or have hard copies of the same.

Once when the new Engrade Pro system is installed, we will inform you with immediate effect. A new password and a new username will be introduced to all parents as soon as the new system is installed.

We thank you for all your support extended to us in the past.  We do hope that you would continue to do the same during the new school year. We appreciate if you could remind your child/children to pay attention to the uniform and grooming requirements of the school.

We wish you all the best and God’s choicest blessings always.

With best regards,

Peter Munasinghe,


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