Nursery Prep : Drop-in playtime for children age 1.6 – 3 years old

The Nursery Prep Program is designed to give young children the foundation skills to prepare them for the Kindergarten Program.  Children learn basic social, emotional, language, cognitive development, dance and movement, and perceptual and motor skills development.  They are shown how to take care of their surroundings and help tidy up the classroom. Much emphasis is on building creativity, curiosity, self-esteem, concentration and independence using child-centered and ‘hands-on’ approaches.
The Nursery Prep Program comprises of one classroom room, and the playrooms for various Activities.  The children spend time in these rooms each day, as well as having time for outdoor activities in our play area. In the playrooms, children have opportunities for free play, imagination, artistic creativity, and self-expression.  Teachers prepare theme-based activities for the children.  The children develop English language skills in all activities throughout sessions at the Nursery Prep Program. Native English speaking teachers communicate in English with the children at all times.  Children who are ready are taught pre-writing and early phonics skills.

The Nursery Prep Program accepts children aged from 1.6 to 3 years. The Program begins at 10:00 a.m. Monday to Friday. At the opening activities of the day, there is free play, where children get to socialize with others through play. After this, they spend the rest of the time in the classroom and the playrooms until the end of the session, which is, 12:30 p.m.

Class Schedule

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