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Champion Recognition | Horse Riding

We are happy to announce the achievement of NATTIE CHANYA OEAWKUL (Grade 6) in “The Horse Guard Riding in Celebration of HM the King’s 72nd Birthday”, which was held at the Royal Horse Guard Riding Club on May 18 2024.

The Award:
🥇1st Runner Up (Horse Guard Show Jumping 90 cm – Team)

Congratulations, Nattie, on this outstanding achievement!

#RAIS #ACaringCommunity #ChampionRecognition #halloffame
#การแข่งขันขี่ม้าเฉลิมพระเกียรติ เนื่องในปีมหามงคม 72 พรรษา #HorseRiding #congratulations

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