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​ISAA Futsal U15 Boys & Girls, U13 Boys, U9 Mixed

This week, the ISAA futsal tournament was a whirlwind of excitement from U15 Boys & Girls, U13 Boys, and U9 Mixed.

The U15 Boys & Girls athletes went off to Pan-Asia International School on November 21, while the U13 Boys and U9 Mixed division went off to Keerapat International School on November 22.

These young athletes shared their most loved and dedicated attitudes to these indoor sports. Cheers for the fulfillment of dedication and success! Cheers to the Raptors!

Achievement Awards
🏆 U15 Girls- Champion
⭐️ U15 Girls MVP – BB Grade 7
🥈 U13 Boys – Silver Medal
⚽️ U15 Boys – 4th place
⚽️ U9 Mixed – 5th place

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