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School ESLRs


Right Communication

  1. Articulate effectively and use creative language in spoken and written communication.
  2. Use various sources of technology and utilize technical terms in different fields of study.
  3. Listen and understand spoken information.
  4. Perform for others meaningfully.

Right Thought

  1. Critically evaluate significant concepts within a given situation.
  2. Apply problem solving skills in real life situations.
  3. Create and invent.

Right Attitude

  1. Set and achieve personal and collective goals.
  2. Be responsible for personal actions.
  3. Be cooperative.

Right Conduct

  1. Make objective decisions based on sound Christian/moral principles.
  2. Respect culturally diverse ideas.
  3. Use appropriate etiquette.

Right Lifestyle

  1. Live and let others live a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Care and help others care for the environment.
  3. Present oneself in a modest, dignified, and appropriate manner.
  4. Be individuals with sound mind, body, and spirit.

Parent Testimonials

this my home

Sherryl Ynion-Fabriquer

เป็นโรงเรียนที่ดีมากๆๆๆ ค่ะ

Praneat Garment

It is great school

Janyarat Supavichayakul

RAIS School tour 2013 | VDO by our students

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